On 6 December 2021, the Divisional Court confirmed that in order to operate lawfully under the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998, a licensed PHV operator who accepts a booking from a passenger is required to enter into a contractual obligation with the passenger to provide the journey which is the subject of the booking. We fully comply and undertake to enter into this contractual obligation of the said booking.

Please be aware there is a full cancellation charge if you cancel your booking within the 24 hour notice period!

Our normal hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm – there is a minimum charge of £150 plus vat outside these hours. If you are arriving on a flight we will take into consideration the actual landing time as opposed to the scheduled arrival time unless told otherwise. We try to be as flexible as possible if you need a trip outside our usual hours so please do not hesitate to ask!

Waiting time is £1 per minute after 10 minutes and includes the first 10 minutes lapsed. If your delay impacts on another passenger we may need to cancel and rebook.

Waiting time meeting passengers at an Airport is charged 35 minutes after the flight lands.

We will make sure to keep an eye on flight delays/amendments etc and will try but can’t always guarantee that we will have the capacity to accommodate. Anything over an hour delay may be subject to a full cancellation charge.

Although we are able to carry luggage there are some things which just won’t fit. If you are in any doubt whether your luggage will fit on a Limobike then give us a call or email a picture and we will let you know! Heavier luggage will need to be pre checked as well!

Journey times in London can vary a lot at different times so please ask if you are unsure as we are very happy to help with timings to save any confusion with Google maps and their somewhat idiosyncratic London journey time estimates!

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